5 Days in Mid West: Day 1

Elizabeth, one of my best friends, moved to Nebraska from NYC about half a year ago because of an exciting job offer she got. I decided to visit her during my Memorial Day Weekend.


Nebraska is also called the flying-over state among American. You may get a hint from the nickname that Nebraska is being ignored (purposely). Therefore, it is reasonable to explain that, when I told my American friends and colleagues that I would go there for the Memorial Day long weekend, the immediate response I got from them was “WHY?”

“Do not hold prejudice until you go there,” I always tell myself. Yet I do realize that it IS painful to have a phone talk with Elizabeth since she lives in Nebraska. It is always like, either she loses signal while just turning around at her apartment; or I cannot hear her well at all so she has to repeat herself. We always struggle finishing a conversation.

I cannot help but wonder: Is Nebraska that bad?



When I landed in Omaha, Nebraska, it was already 11:30pm. Elizabeth picked me up at the airport and we headed straight back to her place.

We swiftly passed the downtown and the streets were empty. Street lights even made the city look more lonely. After we got on the highway, no more street lights or buildings. It felt like our car was running in the deep ocean surrounded by the darkness.

The small town that Elizabeth lives arranges like the town in the movie “Back to the Future”. In particular, we were the only car still driving on the street, which made it more surreal.


To be continued…

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July 02, 2017
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