Beauty and the Beast

Is it too late to write something about Beauty and the Beast? Not about the movie, but the story.


Among all the Disney stories and princesses, “Belle is my favorite figure! She is the only princess that saved the prince, not the other way around!” My friend Elizabeth said that. Indeed, Beauty and the Beast is also my favorite fairy tale (besides Alice in Wonderland).

When I read the story as a little girl, Belle left me the impression that she is very brave and strong. Today, after watching the movie, the treasure of the story is way more than only creating a figure of a brave girl.

  • Belle and the Beast could be any of us

Compared to other Disney princesses and princes who looked so carefree in their stories, Belle and the Beast both have wounds and are eager to be connected with someone or something.

Belle was seen as an odd girl in her village. Meanwhile, She has so many questions regarding her mother and her father’s silence did not help at all.

Same as the Beast (Prince). The Beast is not even charming. He got angry easily and felt like a party-pooper at the castle.

They also have their pride. She wants to see the world but the village is not her place. He had a splendid life that no one can match before the curse.

In the Beauty and the Beast, both figures are not flawless, which makes them so down-to-the-earth. What’s more crucial is that the same feeling that they share is that “no one understands me and I want to be understood.”

Nowadays, nothing is more valuable than someone knows you and cherishes you.


  • A good lover can heal the pain

In other fairy tales, love comes at the first sight or pops up suddenly because the prince or the princess is beau. Alright, dramatic elements are a must in romance stories, I know, I know.

But in the Beauty and the Beast, the strong connection between Belle and the Beast lies in the reason that they helped each other face their pain and even find a way to heal the pain together. Particularly, the latter stage makes Belle and the Beast closer and distinguishes their importance existence to each other.

With the Beast’s help, Belle finally understood why father had to leave her mother at that time. While falling in love with Belle, the Beast also realized the genuine meaning of love. They used their own ways to help each other’s internal change/transformation.

In fact, healing each other’s pain is the primary reason that contributes to a strong and vibrant relationship.


  • Be tough, be fearless, but no posing.

With these merits, you can save your prince or fight for the future with your prince.



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July 16, 2017
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