Here It Is!

PipsPOP is a personal blog that was born in New York on May 14, 2017. What a lovely day!

I have always dreamed of having my own paper magazine since high school, so I could use the magazine to share the stuff that I like or enjoy with people. Even though PipsPOP is just a blog now, I see it as a small but important starting block to build my dream. In this blog, I will share the music I like, movies I have watched, art exhibitions I have been to and people that I encounter.

These topics all indicate the important word of relationship. A master of Chinese culture and philosophy, Liang Shuming, mentioned three levels of relationships that we all need to deal with in his book How Can the World Get Better. Figuring out questions to the three levels may indicate an answer to a classic question, which is “how we can better explore the world, others and ourselves.”

The first level is to deal with the relationship between human being and matter.
The second level is to deal with the relationship between two human beings.
The third level is to deal with the relationship between the individual and his internal mind.

Since it is a personal blog, it is going to be hard to avoid being biased. But all in all, I would like to center these three levels to share my thoughts and write posts to share it with anyone who would like to read them.

Ready for the exploration?

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May 14, 2017
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