Superfine! Art Fair – NYC Session 2017

I went to the Superfine! art fair in early May. The contemporary art fair is in a relatively small size but did present some interesting artwork. I have selected a few artworks from the fair that I like.

Pokémon Series

Abraham Mascorro

Abraham displayed his work on a whole wall, yet the work that drew my attention at the fair was his Pokemon collage series. It interestingly combines the Pokemon animation images with the Japanese ukiyo-e art. During our brief conversation at the fair, Abraham admitted that he likes Japanese art and it does bring inspiration to his work.

Through mixed using two completely different styles (modern and traditional), the series add new visual effects. It seems like the cute monsters would have another fun adventure in the old days, which catches audience giggle effortlessly.

girl, monster, animal, blank, Iván Salamanca

Image Source: Superfine! Art Fair – NYC Session 2017

Alter Ego

Iván Salamanca

Iván seems to passionate about the relationship between human being and nature. At the Superfine art fair, some elements repeat in the work she displayed, such as animal heads, girls, and birds. For example, the picture on the left as an example of Iván’s work, Alter Ego, which is a piece that I adore.

Since Iván’s pieces more fit in the function of decoration, I am not sure if it is necessary to over-interpret the meaning underneath these elements in her work.

Gray Blue Kame 2

Karl Mansur

At the fair, it is easy to lose track of time when you look at Karl’s sculptures. They are pretty simple, while do keep your eyes explore the work and leave imaginative room for the audience. Due to the magical combination of color and light, Karl’s glass sculptures are like a black hole that absorb your attention.

Karl’s work may remind you the moment of a rainy night glittered with urban neon lights or foggy mornings depicted in those impressionism paintings. They are nice pieces that distract your idling mind.

Image Source:

Picture Source:

Election Year

Tyler Whitlock

Tyler’s artwork also belongs to the category of collage art. More precisely, he calls it as “glitch collage”, which has strong street graffiti effects.

I noticed that he likes to use light and pure colors as the background theme, while the collage objects located in the center of his work are generally symbols that are fierce and sharp, which creates very powerful feelings as well as effects of full of explosives.


I would say the majority who displayed their work at the NYC session emphasize in the criteria of strong visual effects. Particularly, their work is heavily influenced by different pop cultures. Perhaps it is because most of the artists are millennials.

For viewing other artists’ work, you can go to Superfine’s e-gallery to take a look. The fair will tour in Miami in December this year.


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May 17, 2017
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