Not Alone

@Brooklyn Bridge Park

It is fascinating to capture the alone moments of one person in a public environment.

Those isolated moments are private and intermate to the person himself (or herself), yet can be seen by everyone.


May 21, 2018

The Other Side

@Brooklyn Bridge Park

Thursday outdoor movie night with good friends.

Summer breeze was so gentle that eases all unpleasant things.

August 10, 2017

Roses and the Sign

@Bleeker Street, NYC

I snapped this photo at night while I was on my way to meet some friends. And I love it.

The splendid roses were roaring in an arrogantĀ tone,

“Be cautious (about my beauty)!”

July 30, 2017


Life were a waking dream,

and this the only life.

—Derek Mahon, A Swim in Co. Wicklow

June 05, 2017

Snow in April

The petal falls,
Into your eyes,
Into your memories.

May 15, 2017